Dedicated to clean air

We are NEU-JKF

After years of dedicating ourselves individually to clean air, bringing the power of air-based solutions to industries worldwide, it is time for the next chapter in our exciting journey:
NEU and JKF are joining forces!

Together we will breathe in new opportunities and possibilities and breathe out great changes and progress in applied clean air technologies. With our combined research and innovation departments we can truly move forward in great strides. This will not only create better business for us all, but also a world that can rely even more on the power of one of earth’s most powerful elements: air.

The benefits for our customers
Not only are we able to offer a higher quality of service and stronger innovations thanks to our joined qualities, by combining our networks we can also create a greater international presence. This brings us closer to our customers, wherever they are.

About NEU

The air specialist for operators protection and
process optimization

NEU building

NEU offers a comprehensive management of all industrial needs that can be treated with air technologies.
Throughout the development, NEU ensures both process optimization and operator protection. Its techniques (Pneumatic conveying, Ventilation, Dust extraction, Filtration) optimize the productivity, preserve the employees, the material, the air quality inside and the environment outside. They also guarantee safety against the risk of explosion due to certain types of dust.

Strengths of NEU

  • 340 employees
  • 112 years of experience
  • 80 milions € tunover
  • 6 subsidiaries

About JKF

The air specialist for manufacture of components
dedicated to process ventilation

JFK building

JKF dust extraction provides clean air for a wide range of process industries. Their focus is primarily in the wood, agro & milling, paper & plastics, recycling and metal industries. With a portfolio of high-quality filters, fans and ducting, JKF ensures a better working environment, a greener profile, reduced energy consumption, less production break-down and higher quality end products for its customers.

Strengths of JKF

  • 310 employees
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • 35 million euros in turnover
  • 3 subsidiaries